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1932 - 2007

75TH Anniversary December 14th 2007

Reported by Helga Minderjahn

The Anniversary Committee had worked diligently all through 2007 to make this a memorable event. Before each monthly meeting, a special meeting was held, chaired by Jane Kornahrens Vice President of the Brooklyn Schuetzen Damen, going over the events, schedules and special items of the Anniversary. 

The Committee members were:

Jane Kornahrens, Chairperson
Renate Buck
Edna Clark
Ursula Soebke
Elsie Kueck
Helga Minderjahn, Chairperson of the Anniversary Journal
Heidi Gutersloh
Kathie Bielefeld, President
Gertrude Henke, Seating Committee

bild 1

The invitations, designed by Heidi Gutersloh, went out in September.

The Gala Affair of the Brooklyn Schuetzen Damen was a total success. It took place at the Park Restaurant in Franklin Square. 164 people attended the dinner, which started at 6:30 pm on Friday December 14th 2007, with an open bar, and a ½ hour deluxe cocktail hour, including shrimps and a hot and cold buffet. It was followed by a delicious main course of either duck, filet of salmon or rouladen.

The tables in the large Banquet hall were decorated in Schuetzen gray with green napkins. The flower arrangements were white with red carnations. Each arrangement held a silver Candle in the middle. Every guest received a red pen with the name of the Brooklyn Schuetzen Damen engraved, wrapped in a box with a red ribbon tied around it, lovingly done by Edna Clark.

The Anniversary Journals were laid out at each table. The cover was designed by Heidi Gutersloh and the content and layout by Helga Minderjahn. Each couple and every single guest received one copy. A lot of people, clubs and organizations had responded to our letters, and had placed ads in our Anniversary Journal. Thank you to all of them for supporting us!

President Kathie Bielefeld donated and presented to all members a corsage of white flowers. Our special Anniversary Pin was given out by Edna Clark to all the members. Each of the pins was wrapped in a small pouch, crocheted by Elsie Kueck. Thank you Elsie for all that extra work.

Before the National Anthems were played, a special surprise was waiting for all the guests. A DJ showed up, put up his large screen and audio equipment and suddenly the room was filled with one of our favorite songs.” An der Nordsee Kueste, am Norddeutschen Strand …” and with it started a special slide show. Jane had assembled pictures during the year – old and new from all the members– as far back as Jane could collect and arranged it into a beautiful show. It was a total hit!

The National Anthems were played and Jane Kornahrens, Vice President of the Brooklyn Schuetzen Damen and Chairperson of the Anniversary Celebration welcomed all the guests. She gave a wonderful speech, which included the history of the club.

John Wellenreuther, Captain of the Brooklyn Schuetzen Corps, brought greetings from the men and thanked the Ladies for all their work and support throughout the year, especially selling chances, baking cakes and decorating the Schuetzenstube. He presented to the BSD President and Vice President a beautiful engraved Anniversary plate.

bild 2

Peter Holle, President of the PVV, congratulated the Ladies to their special affair.

After Peter, Kathie Bielefeld, President of Brooklyn Schuetzen Damen, greeted all the guests.

Jane Kornahrens came back to the podium to thank all the visiting clubs for attending our affair and also presented Kathie Bielefeld with a bouquet of flowers, thanking her for all the special things she does for the club throughout the year.

Later on Mariechen Buck recited her, by now famous poem, of the Schuetzen Ladies learning how to shoot. “ Aller Anfang ist schwer”

 Fred Hansen, Captain of the New York Schuetzen Corps, congratulated the Damen on a job well done and wished the club all the best for the future.

 Flowers were presented by President Kathie to Anita Meyn, who reached the wonderful age of 80, and to Renee Bielefeld who had her 84th birthday.

Dinner was delicious, and the Kapella Fellas entertained us all evening with their music.

A special Anniversary cake was presented together with plates of cookies and chocolates. The cookies had been donated by some of our Committee members. All 15 plates were wrapped and decorated by Ursula Soebke and Helga Minderjahn.

Towards the end, the BSC invited all the members to a special drink, which prompted us to stay together for a group picture.

The affair was over – much too fast by 11:00pm.

We should mention here, that prior to the Anniversary Affair, Jane Kornahrens and Heidi Gutersloh presented to the Ladies 2 wonderful albums. Jane had created a special book, with just showing the Queens of the BSD, which will be updated every year, and Heidi put together a special scrap book with all kinds of articles about the Schuetzen Damen. Thanks to both of them, for all the extra work!

We also would like to mention here, that the Anniversary Committee not only donated their time but also money, many of the expenses were absorbed by the ladies on the Committee and not passed along to the club. Thanks to all of them for doing such a wonderful job.

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