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The Brooklyn Schützen Damen
Founded 1932


1932 - Damen Verein der Brooklyn Schützen - 1932

In 1932 on one cold December night a handful of ladies were waiting for their husbands in a Plattduetsche German Restaurant, where the men of "The Brooklyn Schützen Corps" held their monthly meetings.

While the ladies were waiting, one made a comment, "What denks ji dorvon, wenn wi unsern eegenen Vereen gruend? dat hebt veele Doerper in Duetschland jo ok!" (What do you thing about founding our own club? There are many towns in Germany where the women have done this.) All the ladies were very excited about the idea. In short order, with help of the Schützen men, a new Club called "The Brooklyn Schützen Damen" was formed.

The first President Frieda Wendland and perspective officers were voted in by the new membership. Frieda faithfully held her reign way into the war years. German clubs were not very active during those years. However a few years later it took a little courage of six ladies to start holding meetings again. The Club continued to grow. It will always be our goal to further the old German Club traditions here in the USA.

In time the Damen decided to have uniforms made in the same traditional Schützen colors that the men used. They decided on grey Vests with green trim and green skirts. (Today the skirts have been changed to black.) The 50th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Schützen Damen was well celebrated with huge membership and guest attendance.

We have a strong membership and the Club continues to thrive. Even today the Brooklyn Schützen Damen and the Brooklyn Schützen Men have many beautiful parties together. The main event is our September Schuetzenfest with competition shooting and the German traditional shooting for King and Queen. Highest score wins. The annual Christmas Party hosted by the Damen is also one of our highlights. We also participate in the mens traditional Jägerball that takes place in Mid Winter.


President Jane Kornahrens
Vice President-Lis Dwyer
Corresponding Secretary- Betty Schmale
Queen- Renate Buck
Financial Sec-Gertrude Henke;
Recording Sec-Helga Minderjahn;


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